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Soltaire Soft-Close 

Compatible with Soltaire 120, the new soft close mechanism has been designed to enhance the operation of this premium product. With a maximum door weight of 80kg, the new addition is available in two kits. The single damper gently decelerates the door, gliding it into position for the final 90mm of travel. In addition to this there is also a double damper kit that allows both a soft close and soft open mechanism. 

Securefold 50kg

Securefold 50kg has been designed for residential and commercial top hung timber & aluminium exterior folding door applications. This system is well suited to coastalenvironments where the doors and hardware can be more exposed to the elements and salt water. All components are made from 316 satinless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance.

For aluminium doors, use the surface mounted hinges “SFW”. Please e for further information

Husky Telescopic

For a natural modern or period look, the new Husky Telescopic 80 systems from P C Henderson allow large timber doors of up to 80kg to become neatly stacked sliding partitions. These systems use a toothed belt and pulley system to link the doors together, by moving the lead door, all of the doors travel simultaneously with minimal friction and noise.

These new systems have been designed to be discreet as they require no guide channel meaning that there are no dust traps and they also make them easier to install across a variety of applications. The coveted adjustable floating guide is also a a key feature of these telescopic products as there is no need to attach additional guides to the floor eliminating trip hazards. Click here to read more or watch the video

Universal Telescopic

Universal Telescopic is ideal for use with the Soltaire 120 system for top hung timber doors weighing up to 120kg. Telescopic systems allow all the doors to be linked together using toothed belt and pulley system so they move in a simultaneous action; they also incorporate the coveted ghost guide which keeps the area clean and free from trip hazards. In addition, the door panels can be neatly stacked into the wall cavity to allow for flexible open plan living.  Follow the links below for further information.

Securefold joins the heavy weights with 150kg system

P C Henderson has enhanced its popular Securefold exterior folding door range with the addition of a new heavier weight category product, meeting growing demand from customers.

Suitable for timber or aluminium door panels, the new hardware has been tested to 150kg, making it ideal for the specification of triple glazed doors for improved energy efficiency. Securefold 150 is designed for both residential and commercial external outward opening door applications that require a heavy duty system that moves effortlessly.

Available in a brushed satin finish, Securefold 150 hardware is extremely durable and corrosion resistant, and like the rest of the range, it is a tried and tested quiet solution. Its superior quality components are made from 316 stainless steel, making it perfect for external use.

Andrew Rolye, UK Commercial Director, P C Henderson adds: “Following on the success of our Securefold offering, we have had increasing calls from customers for an exterior sliding door application to accommodate doors heavier than 100kg. Fulfilling our customers’ requests, we are pleased to introduce the Securefold 150 to our range. Ideal for heavier triple glazed doors, it opens up the opportunities for our customers to create their own indoors/outdoors experience. “

The Securefold range is the definitive choice when specifying hardware for exterior folding doors. A variety of weight capabilities, finishes and locking options makes this the system that performs as well as meeting the aesthetic preferences of the customer.


P C Henderson launches Slido Close

Slido Close is a pneumatic door closer that is suitable for both new and retrofit sliding door applications. The hardware is easy to install, and is ideal for residential and light commercial use.

Slido Close features an adjustable speed setting, making it suitable for sliding door applications that require a smooth and quiet closing operation, it’s also ideal for use where a power source is not available or required. The closer is suitable for timber or metal sliding door panels and has been tested to accommodate doors with a weight up to 100kg and a width of up to 1270mm. In addition to this, Slido Close offers the following benefits:
  • ·         Easy to install
  • ·         For doors weighing up to 100kg
  • ·         Can be retrofitted to existing sliding door applications
  • ·         Supplied with a fascia
  • ·         Available in a chrome finish
  • ·         No power source required
  • ·         Door speed adjustment  settings
  • ·         Suitable for left or right hand openings

Securefold introduces two new hinge options

P C Henderson now offers a choice of four different hinge options in its pioneering Securefold range.

The two new additions will join the standard and the security enhanced Ultra hinge in four finishes (Black, Titanium Gold, Brushed Satin and Polished Stainless Steel) to give our customers and yours a greater choice when choosing hardware for their project.

A traditional rustic square morticed hinge is now available, ideal when a more traditional look and finish is required. The solid square appearance achieves the look of a timely installation as in the past and historically it would have required precision routing by hand.

A contemporary radius morticed hinge has also been added to the range and offers a softer look for minimalistic and modern projects. These hinges lend themselves perfectly to machine routing which can aid the fitting process.

Both of these new additions are suitable for timber panels weighing up to 100kg and between 44-68mm thick.  For more information e mail or call +44 (0)191 377 7345


Securefold introduces new black finish and 100kg weight capacity

To answer aesthetic demand, a black finish to components has now been added to the range which already includes brushed satin, polished stainless steel and titanium gold.

“The new finish is ideal for a multitude of applications including rustic farmhouse renovations or sleek contemporary developments. We are committed to developing products that offer our customers a variation of styles and functional options to ensure that they have the right products for each project,” explains Andrew Royle, UK Commercial Director.

While two new square and radius morticed hinges complement the range by providing alternative options to match the customers’ aesthetic vision.

With the growing trend in the use of triple glazed doors, Securefold and Securefold Ultra have now been tested to 100kg to accommodate project requirements. Why not try our unique Sepcifier software, specially designed by Henderson to build your bill of materials and provide a quote for your project.

Click here to view the fully interactive digital brochure for Securefold and Securefold Ultra

Introducing Soltaire Low Headroom

P C Henderson has launched Soltaire Low Headroom, a new product with all the benefits of the tried and tested Soltaire range with the added benefit of maximising the door height.

Low headroom products are a clever way of hiding all of the operating door hardware, enabling the end user to create a modern and minimalistic finish with taller doors.

Every care has been taken to ensure that this product is fully adjustable and easy to install whilst supporting the current trend for opening up the side of a building and creating an outdoor/indoor experience using quality timber doors.

Click here for more information

Pacer track giving you extra anti-rise

The Pacer Glass System was introduced to accommodate sliding and fixed door panels, making it ideal for interior dividers in offices and shops, as well as more modern applications in new developments.

Following the initial launch enhancements have continued to be made on the glass clamps, increasing the maximum door weight that can be accommodated up to 130kg and 180kg on glass panels with a thickness of 8mm, 10mm or 12mm.

To help with the enhanced glass clamps a new Pacer anti-rise track has also made its introduction in 2012.

It has been designed with "shoulders" added to prevent the hanger jumping and the thickness reduced from 4.5mm to 2.5mm.

Never one to compromise on quality, the new anti-rise track is available in either anodised or mill finish aluminium and with the demand for quality aesthetics at the heart of everything we do, the Pacer track can accommodate a purpose designed clip on fascia for both soffit and face fixed applications.

Pacer Glass product information.

Securefold Ultra

Securefold Ultra, our industry leading system for residential and commercial exterior folding doors can now boast of being one of the most secure systems on the market. 
It includes all of the benefits of Securefold with additional cleverly designed security enhanced components making it one of the most secure systems on the market.

Features include:

  • Unique interlocking, attack resistant hinges that are an integral part of the system, making it difficult for intruders to attack, disengage or tamper with any part of the system. The interlocking design also stops the hinge being dismantled or forced out of position.
  • Three points of locking on every door seam, creating a secure seal between the doors.
  • Enhanced anti-tamper security screws, preventing tampering of the hardware or disengagement from the door when closed.
  • Lockable flushbolt manufactured from extruded aluminium incorporating a 10mm diameter 316 stainless steel bolt capable of withstanding pressures from both sides of the door.
  • Further information can be found on Securefold Ultra Product Information Page.

Soltaire Full Stainless Steel System

Soltaire - Full stainless systemSoltaire is an extension to the existing stainless steel range and offers maximum corrosion resistance with all parts produced from 310 stainless steel.

The system which is available in three weight options 120 kg, 180 kg and 250 kg is suitable for interior or exterior doors and is ideal for heavy use or coastal applications. Designed to accommodate one sliding panel or two bi-parting doors on a single track, hangers are available for MDF, timber or metal doors. To give greater flexibility when installing, the track can be soffit fixed or face fixed.

Securefold receives European Certification

SecurefoldThe popular Securefold system for timber doors is now tested to the latest EN-norms for airtightness, water tightness and resistance to wind. The test wall , composed of 5 doors (3+2) height 2866mm x 3718mm wide and achieved the following results.

  Air-tightness in PA Water-tightness in PA Resistance wind force in PA
Test Results 650 600 +3000/-2550
Norm Classification EN 12207 EN 12208 EN 12210
Class achieved 4 9A 4

In addition, the range has been extended with the introduction of a new Chrome finish, a DDA compliant threshold (available in Satin or Bronze finish) together with a new router kit for flush bolts.

New design Husky track

New design Husky trackFrom the 1st March 2011 all aluminium Husky kits have included our new track design which incorporates anti-rise fins to enhance performance and a new dove tail bracket for extra strength, ease of installation and increased adjustability.Anodised aluminium track is also available as an optional extra.There will be no change to the steel kits.

Low Headroom

Low HeadroomResponding to customer feedback we have created a Low Headroom system which produces a floor to ceiling minimalist finish.This easy to install kit achieves clearances of 2mm between the track and the top of the door. The hardware is completely concealed within the door and has been engineered for easy installation and adjustments.