P C Henderson to join forces with the FlexiForce Group


As of January 2014 P C Henderson is set to join forces with FlexiForce.   P C Henderson has long been acknowledged as the world leader in the design and manufacture of sliding door gear and this new development will only see the company grow further.

Bert Fransens, CEO of FlexiForce Group comments,

"We have high ambitions with P C Henderson.  We will focus on intensifying the distribution network of P C Henderson worldwide and on investing in product innovations, because we are determined to grow P C Henderson turn-over significantly.  Although P C Henderson has a history of almost 100 years, we all feel that this is a promising new chapter in the company’s existence."  

Duncan Moncrieff, Managing Director of P C Henderson welcomes this news,

"I am very happy that we are expanding our business further by forming this relationship with FlexiForce.  Both businesses are component manufacturers so there are many synergies between us and opportunities for cooperation, investment and product development.”