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Securefold Ultra, our industry leading system for residential and commercial exterior folding doors can now boast of being one of the most secure systems on the market.


After undergoing extensive security testing the Securefold Ultra door hardware system has achieved British Pas 24 to complement our existing European BS EN 1627 status.      




Offering the next level of security, we can offer complete peace of mind to customers with a product combining quality and performance and featuring additional layers of cleverly designed security features that combine to make this system unique in the industry.  


Features of the Securefold Ultra system include:  


  • Unique interlocking, attack resistant hinges that are an integral part of the system, making it difficult for intruders to attack, disengage or tamper with any part of the system. The interlocking design also stops the hinge being dismantled or forced out of position.        
  • Three points of locking on every door seam, creating a secure seal between the doors.       
  • Enhanced anti-tamper security screws, preventing tampering of the hardware or disengagement from the door when closed.         
  • Lockable flushbolt manufactured from extruded aluminium incorporating a 10mm diameter 316 stainless steel bolt capable of withstanding pressures from both sides of the door. 


The design of Securefold Ultra has taken the extremes of weather into consideration, corrosion resistant to maintain its performance in the harshest of environments, as well as designed to  withstand the most severe weather conditions.      


When coupled with quality door panels the system fits together to create a superior weatherproof seal, protecting the interior of the home.  



With European security standard BS EN 1627:2011 and British standard PAS 24 , Securefold Ultra has been acknowledged in the industry as a quality security product, meeting the requirements to be classified as burglar resistant and offering uncompromised security.  

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