Lift and Slide

Doors not supplied by PCH

Lift and Slide

External sliding system designed to accomodate individual door leaves of up to 3m² 

  • Designed to accommodate large door leaves of up to 3m x 3m
  • Opens up an entire wall creating an indoor/outdoor living experience
  • Doors operate with a simple turn of the handle.
  • Designed to give superior weather resistance
  • Excellent security features
  • Available in 3 CE rated levels: Base, Intermediate and Climatech
  • Tested to European Standard EN 14351-1 for waterproof, windproof, airproof and safety impact tests and EN 10077-1 and EN 10077-2 for the calculation of heat transmittance.


Max. leaf weight: 300Kg 
Max. leaf width: 560-3000mm
Max. leaf height: 800-3000mm
Door thickness: 68mm


For available door configurations please consult the brochure.

The doors operate with a simple turn of the door handle.  This unlocks the door, lifts the door up from its weather tight position and allows it to slide easily on the carriages with minimal friction. Once open the door can be lowered at any position and locked by moving the handle down. This  simple operation is achieved with the confidence that the system offers superior weather resistance and; with the combination of the multi-lock mechanism and concealed position of the carriages, excellent security.

Lift & Slide