Roomflex Pro

Minimalistic folding door solution with no bottom channel for doors weighing up to 40kg

  • Catering for wooden doors weighing up to 40kg
  • No bottom channel necessary, eliminating trip hazards & allowing for a seamless walk way
  • Perfect for the creation of flexible living areas and additional rooms
  • Doors can be stacked neatly to one side
  • Kits can be combined together to create various door configurations

Roomflex Pro is an innovative, internal folding door hardware system, designed to create and enhance flexible living environments. Unlike other internal folding door systems, Roomflex Pro has been designed to completely eliminate the need for a bottom channel, allowing for an aesthetically pleasing and clear walkway between two rooms.


Homeowners can combine both open and broken plan living by neatly storing the doors to one side when the spaces are opened for entertaining or socialising. When closed, the smaller rooms can be used for independent activities. Kits can be combined together to create various door configurations.


280 track must be purchased in addition to this kit, visit product page here. 

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